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Getting Sponsored

1. Have a plan
Take a moment and ask yourself why you want a sponsorship. What are your goals? What do you feel you can do for the company? Being sponsored is not just about getting free stuff, it’s about helping companies sell products and being an active brand ambassador.

2. Get a riding resume together
To gain our interest, a resume of race and contest results is always a great idea. You don’t always need the best resume to get sponsored, but companies want to see that you can create exposure and interested in you. Show us your impact on the cycling scene! Past results should show that your future goals are attainable. Show us what you've done that makes you a more vital candidate than another prospect. Focus less on what you want from the company, and more on what you bring the the table in marketability.

3. Make contact
Get contact details for the team manager via either email. And be patient, team managers are busy people, so be willing to wait a while before reaching out again if you haven't heard anything.

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